LizzQ, an Online Vietnamese Kitchen eCommerce Site, Unveils Pellet Smoker Tube on


(PRWEB) MAY 07, 2017

LizzQ, a new, full-service kitchen-based eCommerce site that is centered on Vietnamese cooking and providing Vietnamese kitchen materials for cooks and food advocates around the world, this week released their latest innovative product, the 12-inch BBQ & Pellet Smoker Tube, for everyone on

Borne from a passion for sharing the one-of-a-kind cooking items native to Vietnam but foreign to other chefs around the world, LizzQ wants everyone to benefit from the original culinary practices that bring Vietnamese cuisine to life.

“This site came to life in 2016 after I had realized that all of the Americans in my original kitchen shop in Da Nang City, Vietnam had never seen the collection of kitchen equipment I used every day,” said Trung Cang Le, Founder and Owner of LizzQ. “I never realized how uniquely special my kitchen equipment was. Once I started sharing my tools with consumers, they immediately became a favorite for chefs around the world.”

The LizzQ Pellet Smoker Tube comes in a hexagon shape and is comprised of stainless steel for enhanced performance, easy cleaning, and durability. The product is designed to work in any type of grill, whether it’s gas, electric, or charcoal, and is also compatible with any type of smoker. The product can produce smoke for up to 5-hours, which makes it the perfect accompaniment for smoking pork, ribs, cured meat, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, cheese, lamb, fish, nuts, corn, fruits, and more.

“The expertly curated shape of our smoker pellet allows for efficient diffusion of smoke that isn’t found in any kind of traditionally Western products today,” said Cang Le.

LizzQ prides themselves on top-notch quality with every single one of their developed products. Lastly, they never compromise on their customer service support, ensuring clients are happy and satisfied with every purchase.

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